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Jan 19, 2015

Hot Weather's On The Way

A bird seldom seen, though by no means rare, is the Green-billed Malkoha, Phaenicophaeus tristis. It is a jungle bird as can be seen by its habit of hopping and jumping around branches in a tree. In fact sometimes it 'runs' up a tree in a series of hops much like a squirrel.
The Malkoha has been a resident in our farm for a few years now. We were surprised to see this individual building a nest in one of our fruit trees right next to a busy farm road. It seems absolutely perturbed by our presense as it goes about gathering twigs and leaves for its nest. It must be at least 3rd generation farm-born to show this level of confidence.
We designed and maintained our farm as a sanctuary for wild-life, even predators. We hope to demonstrate that it is possible to farm and yet co-exists with Nature.

 phaenicophaeus tristis,green-billed malkoha,rare birds,malkoha,non-parasitic cuckoo

phaenicophaeus tristis,green-billed malkoha,rare birds,malkoha,non-parasitic cuckoo


Here's a video we took of it hopping around a dead tree gathering twigs: