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May 16, 2012

More Visitors - Special Officer to Minister Of Health

chew yoon ee, liow tiong lai, minister of health, MOA Inc.,

Mr. Chew, P.A. to Minister of Health, came with members of MOA Inc, Bentong.  When we started farming years ago, never knew entertaining visitors is part of the business.

Hope he can convince the Minister to visit.  Would love to share some info on consumer health issues with him.

Jul 26, 2011

Ministry of Agriculture officers came again....

The Ministry of Agriculture came again to take samples for testing.

organic durians, sijil organik malaysia, certified organic farm in malaysia, s.o.m., food regulations act 1985, certified organic durians,

Under the Food Regulations Act 1985, we are the only farm at the moment allowed to call our durians "Organic" in Malaysia.

We know of people paying RM28 per 'organic' durian fruit.  That's not our durians.  Our prices are much lower than that.

We know of sellers claiming their 'organic' durians are from Pahang.  That's not us, our farm is not fruiting this season.  We are 'resting' our trees.

When we sell our fruits, each individual fruit will have a S.O.M. sticker with our farm number which is SOM 04.03.

organic durians, sijil organik malaysia, certified organic farm in malaysia, s.o.m., food regulations act 1985, certified organic durians,

Sellers and farmers should be aware that labeling or representing your durians as 'organic' means the farm have a S.O.M. certificate, full stop.  If you don't have a S.O.M. certificate, you can't represent your durians as 'organic' under the law.  The penalty is stiff, a max fine of RM5,000 and or a jail term of 2 years. 

Getting S.O.M. certitication is free.  Please apply and get certified. 

Jun 28, 2011

Organic Certification Auditors Came

sijil organik malaysia, som, organic certification malaysia,

Puan Norazlina, Head of the Agricultural Department, Bentong and Mohd Noor Azlan, Malaysian Organic Scheme auditor, together with their support staff,  conducted a compliance audit of the farm today.

Jun 21, 2011

Surprise Visitor

A surprise distinguished visitor dropped by.

tan sri tan lay kim

Tan Sri Tan Lai Kim, Puan Sri and son, Edmund

It is always a pleasure to see successful developers who are also into sustainability.

Aug 17, 2010

Visitors to the Farm - Head of Vet Services, Pahang

The new Head of Veterinary Services Department, Pahang, Dr. Muhammad Safaruddin and his assistant, Dr. Rohaya, came on a surprise visit to the farm today.

dr muhd safaruddin Web.JPG
dr rohaya harun Web.JPG
Sorry Doc, it has been raining for the past few days and the farm is a tad untidy.  Anyway, it's a pleasure to have met you and in spite of fasting and all, you and your assistant certainly impressed us with your professionalism.

Jul 17, 2010

Malaysia's Best

Auditors from FAMA ( Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority ) came to see if we are deserving of the government export quality mark, '1 Malaysia Best'.
fama auditors Web.JPG
Hopefully we will get the certification.  If so, American readers of this blog may soon find our durians sold in the USA with this mark:
We are planning to air-freight them to the US with the support of FAMA to be sold in a chain of raw-food and organic fruits store. These will be certified organic, tree-ripened, chilled fruits.   Will announce details when plans materialise.

Jun 07, 2010

Visitors to the Farm - Lily Fu and Ramleans

Youthful 'senior', Lily Fu and her fellow 'Ramleans' came for a visit last week. 

lily fu Web.JPG
Here's Lily Fu's blog on the visit:  http://seniorsaloud.blogspot.com/
Here's the website on the Ramleans : http://ramlea.5u.com

They set the mood for the day right by being 15 mins early.  BTW the plastic bags you see in Lily's blog are made from biodegradable material and we provide them only for 'seniors'.  

We enjoyed seeing their reaction when sampling our fruits.  Non-clone, slow growing fruits and vegetables do taste better and are nutritionally superior!! 

May 28, 2010

Visitors to the Farm - May, 2010

fama came 2 Web.JPG
fama came 1 Web.JPG
Senior State and Federal Officers from FAMA came to inspect the farm.
dato kok1 Web.JPG
dato kok2 Web.JPG
Dato Kok, ex-Dpty Trade Minister, environmentalist and food lover came with Datin and two Filipina agri grads, for a 'look-see'.

Jan 29, 2010

Captain (Rtd) Zaman aka Eudrillus and Mardi Officers came visiting

Captain (Rtd) Zaman aka Eudrillus made a surprise visit with some officers from Mardi.

zaman zul and mardi officer Web.JPG

Captain Zaman with the crew-cut seeping coconut water and Zul and others from Mardi.






mardi officers Web.JPG







raised beds keep on expanding Web.JPG

Captain Zaman asked about the keyhole raised beds.  Well, here they are and they keep on expanding....





kerangga nest1.JPG

And what is organic fruit farming without weaver ants or kerangga.  Here, they are used to get  rid of termites infesting a tree.

kerangga 3.JPG

kerangga nest2.JPG










And our latest project, designing a proper home for stingless bees of which now, we have discovered, we have four species in the farm.

kelulut intriguing sail protection Web.JPG

Temporary home.  The bees made this sail-like canvas to protect themselves from ants.

kelulut new hive Web.JPG

This is the design we are working on now as a permanent home for the bees; design from Utrecht University, Tobago.



Nov 29, 2009

EcoGreen came visiting

The owners of one of the most established organic shops and restaurants, EcoGreen Organic, came visiting with some of their customers. We don't farm in 'secret' and we don't have 'show' farms.  And we don't believe organic farming should have anything to do with contract farming. WYSIWYG!






Here's a group photo.


sherene with chickens2Web.JPG



The owner and head chef of EcoGreen, Sherene with  her daughter Li Hua, up close with our free-range, grassfed chickens.

 smelling the 8 year old litter Web.JPG

Brig Gen (R) Dato' Adnan, who owns a training camp near DQ Farm and Mr. Wong the owner and CEO of EcoGreen smelling the 8 year old litter which all visitors must submit themselves to.

food forest1Web.JPGThe food forest with its melor (jasmine) bushes to feed hives of local honey bees.  We have found that imported Italian bees all fall victim to the walit and layang-layang.  But the local honey bees tend to fly lower and are more aggressive than the Italians and survive well in the farm.

stuff that we use at the farm Web.JPG


Stuff that we use in the farm to repel insects, to reduce fungal attacks, to boost the immune system of the chickens and to generally make the farm a place that first time visitors feel 'energised'.


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