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Jul 07, 2017

Today At The Farm

We are extending our perimeter fence in some areas as we need to increase the number of fields or 'padang'.
Today, as we walk along the newly planted pillars checking on the work by our contractor, Along, we passed a fenced up existing field with chickens inside that is covered with a thin layer of agricultural plastic sheeting / mulch :

Me: So Fauzi, any more wild boar problems?
Fauzi: alhamdulillah bos, no more. Now we only have some loss due to eagles.
Me: How do you know it's eagles and not wild boar?
Fauzi: Eagles, they only eat a little, maybe the organs and some meat from the breast then they leave the carcass. The wild boar, they will eat everything and leave only the feet sometimes. Eagles may kill 3 to 5 chickens. But wild boar, sometimes up to 20 chickens.

A cheap solution to an expensive problem for farmers, without killing any wild animals. ( Simple, effective solutions unfortunately are not patentable )

wild boar, pigs, anti-pig fencing, organic farming, dq farm,

wild boar, pigs, anti-pig fencing, organic farming, dq farm,

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