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Oct 20, 2010

The Star - Write up on organic farming

I was interviewed by The Star on grass fed chickens.  I am surprised at the amount of interest generated by the presence  of excessive omega 6 in intensively farmed poultry and other meats world wide (this includes organic chickens fed a diet exclusively of grains, albeit organic grains.  Hence, grass fed chickens are 'beyond organic').

I have been singing this song since 2001 and to my mind, it is passé but apparently not.  I am surprised people are only now becoming aware of the dangers of excessive omega 6 in our diet.

Here are the links to The Star:




 A couple of erratum in the articles:

1.    Omega 6 is not a cholesterol. It is an essential fatty acid which our body cannot manufacture and as such is needed in our diet. However excessive omega 6 can pose health problems, especially if excessive omega 6 is part of daily diet as is the case with the modern Malaysian diet.

2.    In the old days, ayam kampung takes 6 to 7 months to reach table weight, not 60 to 70 days.

 Here's a link as to how excessive omega 6 in farmed freshwater fish raises health concerns:


The concern applies equally here in Malaysia. 

Jo Robinson, New York Times best seller author,  started the popular awareness about the dangers of grain fed, industrial animal husbandry through her book, Why Grassfed Is Best! and Pasture Perfect.  Her website is a store house of information,  www.eatwild.com