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Apr 08, 2009

Earthworms - Count 'Em, Jimmy Loke

Jimmy Loke, a gentleman farmer came visiting and expressed the hope that I can share more knowledge with him and his brother.  Well, the first thing is, count the earthworms in your farm, Jimmy.

Early in the morning, when the earthworms come out to feed, count them.

mark out 1 cube.JPG


Mark out a foot square. 


dig out the cube.JPG


Dig out the foot cube of soil.  Do it fast as earthworms are  sensitive to vibrations and many will make off.


start counting.JPG



Count 'em.


count the worms.JPG



In DQ Farm, we have up to 60 earthworms per cubic foot of soil.  On a good day, it can reach 100.  In some Western countries they are happy with 10 - 15. 

And here in Malaysia, with such good soil, we are dumping synthetic fertilisers and stuff to kill them off. 

So Jimmy, count your earthworms, and if they are lacking, build them up to at least 40 before we talk about organic farming.


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