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Jun 28, 2012

Farewell to my friends....

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Saw this lorry with freshly harvested logs parked near the farm.  Shocked, I found out that they are harvesting the trees at the back of the farm next to the forest reserve.

timber forest web.jpg

This is the area they are logging.  I have wandered there since 1991 and I know practically every tree there.  Some are easily 150 years old.

timber forest web2.jpg

Another view of the area being logged.  Up till today I cannot understand the economics of logging and how it benefits the people.  Through our Government which represents our desires and wishes, we will get a royalty payment, I think for each tree. How much are we getting?  RM5000 per tree? RM10,000 per tree?  It is a one-off thing.  After that, what?  Wait another 150 years for the forest to recover and grow trees like that?  

timber clearing web.jpg

The loggers moved fast.  Within a week, they have marred the hillside.  No notification given to neighbours, no consultation, no EIA reports.  

inside the forest web.jpg

Me, inside the jungle, with my friends, the trees.  Farewell my friends.  There's nothing I can do since 30 million Malaysians want you guys to be chopped down.

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