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Apr 14, 2013

Our Chickens Love Our Fruits As Much As We Do

People ask why we feed our chickens fruits, up to 40% of their diet, and not sell the fruits and use the proceeds to buy cheap grains like corn, since fruits, especially our certified organic fruits fetch such a high price?  Well the answer is this: We Are What Our Animals Eat, health-wise that is.  Bananas for example have an omega 6: omega 3 ratio of 1:1.  Corn is 40:1.  Chickens fed corn and other grains will have ratios of 40:1 and more.  One chicken we had tested came in at 59:1.  That's scary. And what about those chickens fed organic grains?  Well, at the risk of sounding flippant, you will end up with 'organic' omega 6.