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Dec 12, 2012

Animal Rights? Human Rights?

It seems odd that so many talk about welfare and rights for animals, and about taking care of the environment and the ecology and yet are silent about clear blatant human rights abuses happening right in front of our eyes.  And blatant injustice.

Are we not hypocrites then, when we scream and shout and march over mistreatment of dogs and cats, and yet chose to ignore, yes ignore abuses to our fellow humans?

palestine conflict, gaza, palestinian problem,

This is the flag of a people that have been subjected to the worst injustices in modern times.  It is flying proudly over the simple wooden bridge that's leading to our farm.  It represents our solidarity with them.

Their land has been taken, their farms and olive groves bulldozed, their movement restricted, their leaders assassinated without trial, their children and aged are killed but glossed over as 'collateral damage', lies are spewed about them, media is used to paint a picture of them as being monsters.  

A great man once said, if we see a wrong-doing, we must oppose it with our hands.  If we are not in a position to do so, then we must use our tongues.  If even that we are unable to do,  then we must oppose it in our hearts.

We are enjoined to oppose all wrong-doing that we see,  in treatment of animals, in treatment of the environment, in the community, and yes, even when we see injustice in faraway lands.

Being neutral to injustice being perpetuated is equal to contributing to the perpetuation of injustice.

To do nothing, to feel nothing, to ‘see’ nothing would mean we have lost all faith, and surely that is a sorry state indeed for a man to live his life.

Here is the attempts of one brave young man who decided to stop being a hypocrite:


I hope fair-minded readers of this blog will at least make an effort to understand the conflict as it is today, and if nothing else, 'oppose it in your hearts'.