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Aug 17, 2010

Kacip Fatimah Propagation

kacip fatimah plant.jpg
The kacip fatimah plant at the farm.
Kacip Fatimah ( labisia pumila ) is a popular traditional medicinal herb.  Due to its popularity, the wild plant is rapidly disappearing.  Here's a writeup on the herb by the Medical Research Institute (click here).
kacip fatimah flower2.JPG
Kacip Fatimah flowers.
Normal methods of reproducing include using its seeds and root cuttings.
We believe using leaf cuttings would result in more available plants than either seeds or root cuttings.  After some trial and error, we succeeded in producing plantlets from the leaves.  Here's a picture of one of our babies:
leaf cutting Web.JPG
A plantlet growing from the base of a kacip fatimah leaf.