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Jun 20, 2005


Today is June 20th, 2005 and am starting this blog to record what I am doing viz DQ Clean Chicken and my interest in organic and nature farming.

Mandy, my manager told me that there's this new organic shop who told her that they're not selling our chickens as a certain competitor chicken tastes better. Mandy was upset as she knows from numerous feedback from customers that our chicken tastes better than that particular brand of chicken. She feels that this organic shop was perhaps more interested in the higher margin that the competitor is giving to them; but that's no reason to say something untrue about our chicken.

Anyway, I gave them a letter offering two free Guinea Fowl for every 10 DQ chickens they purchase for the whole month of July. Guinea Fowls sell for RM25. Hopefully that's incentive enough to stock our chickens. I just want their customers to have a chance to taste our chickens and then we let the customers decide ultimately.

Also today, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture confirmed that he intends to visit DQ Farm next Monday. That's an honour and I wonder if I can interest the Government in my kind of farming - Nature Q-Farming.

Nature Q-Farming uses Qi. I have found by accident that photosynthetic bacteria when given qi will start to emit qi. I will elaborate more on this on a later date.

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Great website and so much info!
Is DQ chicken available in Singapore?

Posted by: Vivienne Koh | Jun 21, 2005

Hi Wong
Good site. There is no denying on the value proposition that you put forward in your products. I have tasted the chicken and it was good.The issue on hand is pricing. This is health and health is wealth. What we need to is to promote health and in order to do this we need to make the products more acessible to the buyers (i.e. network wise and price wise) which means you got to create more farms or start franchising them! (franchise farmer- that will the first)

Current ordinary chicken price I believed would has helped in your marketing.

Btw, I missed the auction (unavaidable) but believe we got lucky and manage to buy 20 kids from your auction (via my uncle)

Goodluck on the blog... can you put more pictures..

Dr Rafick

Posted by: Dr Rafick Khan | Jul 04, 2005

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