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Jun 22, 2009

Workshop on Nature Q-Farming

We had a workshop on making bio nutrients and basics of Nature Q Farming on June 20th 2009.  The workshop is meant for home food growers and not for commercial farmers. The objectives are to 1) introduce market gardening to urban dwellers to reduce the hold of commercial farmers over our lives, 2) to empower urban dwellers to take back some of the responsibility of producing healthy food for our children, and 3) to allow urban dwellers to have a source of income to offset increasing costs of living in the cities.

Participants were 'aligned' to the energy in the environment and taught how to harness the energy that is present, to enhance the energy and to incorporate the energy into the plants and vegetables that they are growing. By so doing, they give to the plants a part of their energy and in return the plants and microbes will multiply it many fold for them.

Qi Universe2Web.jpg

The field of energy around us. 

Read 'The Field' by Lynne McTaggart.

For the first time, these 'die-hard' organic gardeners felt a living connection with the plants that they have been growing for years.  We become a part of the plants and they become a part of us, in this cycle of passing of nutrients and living energy between one living organism to another; we are no longer 'eating' a plant instead we are sharing and exchanging living energy.

harnessing the qiWeb.JPG

I can still remember the wonder on the face of one of the participants when he felt the microbes releasing energy at him.  And I remember also the remark of another participant that he was wondering why he did not start panting after a fairly vigorous walk to some wild bamboo groves and back, as he was a heart patient.

making bionutrientsWeb.JPG

An important part of Nature Q Farming is working with the plants and herbs and microbes that is in the environment.

making bionutrients2Web.JPG

Making brews of various friendly microbes to be used as intermediaries between us and the plants that we are growing.



i believe there's connection between us and plants. and not to forget the animals or simply say the earth.
but "qi"...
it's something new to me
can we measure the "qi" energy as u claimed?

Posted by: safuan | Jun 22, 2009

I have added a hyperlink to the post above. You can read about the field. There have been numerous scientific studies on the 'qi' emited by practitioners. Among the enery detected are far and near infrared rays, infrasonic waves, photons and electromagnetic waves. The electrostatic charge on the hand of a 'qi' practioner changes when he emits 'qi'. The receipient of the 'qi' emission can feel the electrostatic charge.

Posted by: HS | Jun 23, 2009

Hi Mr Wong

I am very interested to attend your workshop on Nature Q-Farming. Will you be conducting another again. Please let me know the date time and place.



Posted by: eddie sia | Sep 21, 2009

Hi Eddy,
Are you a farmer?


Posted by: HS | Sep 22, 2009

Hi Mr Wong
I will be on retirement by end of this year. During my retirement I want to be a farmer. I have already acquired a small piece of land. And I am a fan of your ideas of running a farm. I hope to meet you and learn as much as possible from you.


Posted by: eddie sia | Sep 23, 2009

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