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Nov 02, 2009

Sustainable Farming - A Model

To be sustainable, inputs must be less than outputs.  Inputs include fuel and all forms of energy, labour and raw materials.  Even treatment of wastes must not consume excessive energy.  For a farmer to practice sustainable agriculture, he must derive a reasonable income from his efforts.


This is a model for sustainable agriculture we developed at our farm (click to enlarge):




The only purchased inputs are corn and other feed ingredients.  From here, all 'wastes' are recycled.  Dung, carcasses, etc are all composted and made into high quality humus.  Using humus and compost tea and proper management, an acre of land can produce 30 tonnes of high protein napia grass.  This is fed to goats and fish. Using humus and compost tea, and selecting low-nitrogen demanding heritage seeds such as bayam pasir, terung telunjuk, etc we can produce abundant market vegetables. 


This how an acre of land may look like (click to enlarge):
















We calculated a net income of RM3000 to RM5000 per month is possible from such a farm.



mr wong...pls help me to understand your micro farm layout...1 acre of land only cover 1/4 from your total layout (meaning 208ft x 208ft). And what about the grass photos, is it included in your drawing or it just a matter of calculation or something. TQ

Posted by: haslinda | Dec 11, 2009

Hi young lady. The layout is 208 x 208 = one acre. The grass plots is calculated for 100 goats.
When are you taking the white gf and pf?

Posted by: DQ | Dec 11, 2009

Mr Wong... tks for sharing the infos.

Posted by: Zaman | Jan 04, 2010

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