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Apr 11, 2011

Oddity In The Forest

Came across this oddity hanging down from a vine in the forest.

unusual plants, rainforest, tropical vines,

unusual plants, rainforest, rare plants,

A foot across and about 6 to 8 inches thick

unusual plants, rainforest, rare plants,

It's leaves.  Sorry about the focussing, it was quite windy.


Amazing thing eh... never seen anything like this before...

Posted by: Lrong | Apr 11, 2011

Yes, and I understand that 85% of Sarawak is now deforested (deforested is defined as any thinning of original virgin forest ie such as after selected valuable trees have been extracted). That's a forest that stretches back 150 million years!! What wonders we have lost as some plants may fruit or flower once in a decade or once in 20 years!

Posted by: HS | Apr 13, 2011

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