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May 27, 2011

A Good Axe is also Permaculture?

A quality durable axe, quaranteed for 20 years will mean "we take less, that we need to produce less, destroy less". That's permaculture!  That's the antithesis to modern unsustainable consumer driven economy (think branded running shoes that lasts only a few months).


grunsfors axes,lrong lim,american felling axe,splitting maul

We received these axes which are quaranteed for 20 years, recently

These are from Gransfors Bruks, Sweden. The quote above is from their Axe Book.  Permaculture in Manufacturing - PermaFacture perhaps!

We got a splitting maul, a splitting wedge, and a felling axe.

grunsfors axes,lrong lim,american felling axe,splitting maul

The axe-smith who made our axes is UN or Ulrik Nilsson.  Here's his picture from the Axe Book:

grunsfors axes,lrong lim,american felling axe,splitting maul

We took the axes for a test recently.  The Nepalese who are regular axe users say they are the best axes they have ever used in terms of balance, conservation of energy, etc.

Pak Cik Razaly had an interesting question: why can't we make such axes?  Why indeed.

grunsfors axes,lrong lim,american felling axe,splitting maul

Dilli, our Nepalese supervisor, trying out the maul.

grunsfors axes,lrong lim,american felling axe,splitting maul

Pak Cik Razaly felling this 8 inch trunk without breaking a sweat. Have you tried a China-made axe?

Thanks to Lrong Lim in Takamatsu, Japan for writing about his Gransfors Bruks axe in his blog: http://lronglim.blogspot.com/

This is Gransfors Bruks' website: http://www.gransfors.com.  Email is yxboken@gransfors.com.

P.S. The axes took 5 days to arrive in KLIA from Sweden (after waiting a couple of months for them to be forged).  They took 9 days to travel from KLIA to our office in KL, a distance of 50 km.


Woah... you really got yourself the axe, and more than one, at that... congratulations... it is interesting to read that you ordered them directly from the maker... and the length of time it took for them to arrive...

Posted by: Lrong | May 27, 2011

Wow! the days of EXCALIBUR have finally arrived? :-)) From the picture alone it outlines quality craftsmanship.... sure you will have a great time using it.. enjoy!

Posted by: Calwinn | Jun 01, 2011

Travelling speed of 5.1km a day from KLIA to destination. Guiness World Record?

I don't use axes but I had to buy quite a few cangkul before getting a good one. The rest had to be thrown away. Too many rocks here.

Thanks for coming by.

I'm surprised to see Lrong and Keats here as well.

Posted by: One | Jun 04, 2011

Takk fyrir ahugaverd blog

Posted by: Briebraeram | Jun 05, 2011

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