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Jun 21, 2011

They lose all sense of fear....

If we truly mean them no harm, they lose all sense of fear....

wild birds,taming wild birds,green crested lizard

They will nest anywhere, here, in a serai (lemongrass) bed

wild birds, crested lizard, red eggs, taming wild birds,

Close up of the nest in a serai (lemongrass) clump.

Web hatching out.jpg

Three red eggs hatching out.  The color of the new hatchlings the same red as the eggs. We have yet to id the bird.

wild birds, taming wild birds, green crested lizard,

A crested lizard with a more turquoise coloring than the normal green. It's more curious than fearful of our hand. Occasionally they will just land on your head or shoulder as you walk under a tree.  The farm is a sanctuary of sorts for them and other lizards.

PS found this old pic demonstrating what we mean:

wild birds,taming wild birds,green crested lizard

Curious visitor from the tree under which we were having lunch

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