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Apr 11, 2012

Birds Nesting At Our Farm - II

We were surprised to find that the nest of Treron Olax have not only hatched, but have fledged.  There they were a family group, three fledglings and three adults hanging on to some branches of a tree about 10 meters away from their nests.

Little Green Pigeon, Treron Olax,

A flimsy platform in our petai tree was where they made their nests overlooking the staff kitchen and dining area and the noise of tractors and chattering workers.  These are supposedly forest birds.

little green pigeon,treron olax

Three parents guarding over their fledglings. Sorry about the bad photography, clearly I need some lessons.  The birds flew from their nests at 7am and hung on to this tree 10 meters away, for two hours.  

Then with a loud flutter, as if by a common signal, they flew off at speed simultaneously towards the nearby forest.  Wonder why they are not nesting in the forests? Poachers?

little green pigeon,treron olax

The male

little green pigeon,treron olax

One of the females next to a fledgling.

Treron Olax or Little Green Pigeon is a resident bird in Malaysia. Will have to get better equipment to document all these birds at our farm, plus take some lessons.

Here's a couple of photos showing the birds in their glory from http://www.tomo-rhino.com/malaysia/

little green pigeon,treron olax

little green pigeon,treron olax

Treron Olax is a protected bird in Malaysia.

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