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Nov 12, 2012

When Nature Gives Feedback

Amorphophallus  prainii will go dormant for months.  And just when you thought they have died or something, suddenly they start sprouting all over the place.

They love soil with lots of organic matter, 'living' soil.  And we are sure there’s a relationship between them and microbial life as we find the ‘wilder’ the spot, the more they sprout.

Our farm must be entirely 'wild', being free from chemicals for two decades now. And recently due to constant rain, they started sprouting all over the place.

Amorphophallus  prainii, pokok ubi lekir, loki, ubi kekek, calcium oxalate, cytotoxic plants, hepatoprotective plants,

Said to be uncommon, but it seems to be found everywhere in the farm.  We counted close to a 100 of them.

The corm or tuber has been used for food, but it has to be treated properly as it is high in calcium oxalate and can cause you to have a severe choking reaction.

Researchers have found that it can destroy cancer cells in rats, and also it can repair damaged liver cells.

Research paper on hepatoprotective activity

Research paper on cytotoxic activity  

amorphophallus  prainii,pokok ubi lekir,loki,ubi kekek,calcium oxalate,cytotoxic plants,hepatoprotective plants

Extract from the corm have shown hepatoprotective and cytotoxic activity.

amorphophallus  prainii,pokok ubi lekir,loki,ubi kekek,calcium oxalate,cytotoxic plants,hepatoprotective plants

The plant before it dies back and go dormant or rarely, it will send out a blossom.


Saya ada menyimpan baka spesies tumbuhan seperti di atas yang boleh dimakan pokoknya(batang hijau dan batangnya) tanpa rasa gatal atau kesan sampingan. Saya rasa spesis yang saya simpan bakanya ini dah hampir pupus kerana saya tak pernah melihatnya lagi di tempat lain. Warna batangnya sedikit berbeza dengan pokok yang tuan pamerkan di atas. Untuk maklumat, spesis pokok di atas dipanggil pokok lekir di kalangan orang melayu di utara.

Posted by: YUSRI ABD TALIB | Nov 13, 2012

Yusri, tq sudi komen. Kalo sempat emailkan foto. Spesis amorphophallus ini banyak subspesis dan mungkin ada yang masih belum diketahui.

Posted by: DQ Farm | Nov 14, 2012

Yusri, you dari Perlis ke?

Posted by: DQ Farm | Nov 14, 2012

Saya asal dr Kedah.....x dpt nak hantar gbr....sbb ada d seremban skrg ni...& akan ke sabah dlm masa terdekat.....nanti bila saya bblk ke kg....sya akan amik gbr...

Posted by: Yusri | Dec 24, 2012

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