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Mar 05, 2012

Flowering Enhancers - I

Some of the fruit trees shall be flowering soon.  Time to make some flowering enhancers.  Fermented flowering enhancers provide potassium and phosphorus, plus microbes to help the plants absorb the nutrients.

We use a large plastic container with a lid.

bio nutrients, em, nature farming, sustainable farming,

Add 10 kg of kangkung.

bio nutrients, em, nature farming, sustainable farming,

And 10 kg young acacia mangium leaves.

bio nutrients, em, nature farming, sustainable farming,

And 10 kg of red colored leaves.

Now add the potassium and phophorus:

bio nutrients,em,nature farming,sustainable farming

25 kg of papaya and 25 kg of bananas.

bio nutrients,em,nature farming,sustainable farming

Put them together, leaves at the bottom.

bio nutrients,em,nature farming,sustainable farming

Add some molasses (agri grade, from Pertanian), about 20 kg will do.

bio nutrients,em,nature farming,sustainable farming

Sprinkle about 500gms quarry (granite) dust into the mix.

Cover with a plastic sheet, close the lid, and let ferment for 30 days.

(To be continued : Flowering Enhancers - II; How To Use)

Feb 19, 2009

Tanduk Rusa - Hi-Qi, High Energy Bio Nutrient

Many visitors to our farm have wondered why we have tanduk rusa ( platycerium coronarium or staghorn fern) all over the farm.  They are even found on the fruit trees. 


The reason is the bacteria in the plant gives out very high beneficial energy.  Trees with tanduk rusa are stronger.  We harvest these bacteria and spray them on our vegetables, fruits, everywhere, for their beneficial energy:

Platycerium Coronarium or Staghorn Fern or Tanduk Rusa
We discovered that tanduk rusa is home to lots of PNSBs - photosynthetic bacteria which gives out high energy when they are activated with 'Qi'. Qi Gong practitioners are invited to experience this phenomena themselves.
Here, the staff is gathering the PNSBs from inside the tanduk rusa - watch out for centipedes, scorpions, etc.
Here's how the material rich in PNSBs look like.  These are used to multiply the PNSBs which will be used in combination with the lactobacillus sp. brew to enhance the energy level and health of the farm, plants and animals.
PNSBs are fermented first in total darkness, then in light, all in anaerobic conditions.  Once they are activated with energy, they never stop emitting these energy.  Many disbelievers have been convinced when they feel the energy emanating from the concentrated bio nutrients.  Some describe the feeling as almost like "static electricity'.  Others as "ants crawling on the skin", and still others, "something crawling around under the skin".
EM technology from Japan is build around the high energy of PNSBs.  Do a google search on Effective Microorganism and you will find lots of links.  At DQ Farm we have been using the energy of PNSBs since 2000.

Feb 12, 2009

Lactobacillus sp. - the Work Horse at DQ Farm

The work horse at our farm is lactobacillus sp.  We use farm-caught indigenous lactobacillus and brew an Indigenous Micro Organism brew which is sprayed liberally throughout the farm to enhance the health of plants, animals and humans.



The container on the left is two days old.  The curds are seperating out now as the lactobacillus starts to convert the sugars to lactic acid.  The one on the right is still new.











The curd (left) is removed after about a week.  The curd is then fed to the animals.  Some of the staff make a cheese out of the curd.

The yellowish liquid left behind is a concentrate of lactobacillus sp. which will be used to make our IMO spray.





The lactobacillus 'Mother' ready for use.  The addition of raw molasses keeps the bacteria alive and prolongs the shelf life to years.

This is one of the ways how we 'disinfect' and how we keep the farm healthy.