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Apr 13, 2009

Farm Visit - Head of Veterinary Services and Country Farm

compost from litter used for herb garden.JPG



Datuk Dr. Azahar Idris, the Director of Veterinary Services for Pahang dropped by on a surprise visit. Here he is shown how composted chicken litter can be used as a planting medium and as fertiliser.

composted chicken litter as fertiliser.JPG



Nothing is wasted in DQ Farm, carcasses, litter, etc are all recycled to produce healthy vegetables, fruits and herbs.

datuk azahar smelling the 7 year old sand litter.JPG



Sorry Datuk, no exceptions!  All visitors have to smell this 7 year old litter.

fermented herbs as medication for the chickens.JPG



And from the herb garden, a fermented mix as a preventive and tonic for the chickens.



Yesterday, April 12, Selina Gan, MD of Country Farm came visiting with her family and senior staff.

talking about the farm.JPG


Overview of a sustainable farm - 1 + 1 = 10!

inspecting the herb garden.JPGInspecting the herb garden

smelling the compost.JPG


They were expecting some foul smell from the carcasses, dung, and stuff.

taking back charcoal.JPG




Taking back bags of charcoal to fertilise their home gardens, and to bury some carbon!