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Jun 18, 2009

Hatching Techniques

Jeremy of L.A., USA made my day with the following email:

 "Thank you , Thank you , Thank you,

 After 6 attempts and 3 years of trying I had a great hatch of healthy strong mountain quail this morning. The only egg that didn't hatch but piped was one that I thought wouldn't because it had only lost 6%. The eggs that I put into another incubator with lower humidity did the trick also. All the eggs hatched  with a weight loss of 11% to 18%
I'm elated and cant thank you enough for helping me. I'm ready to take on a condor or  passenger pigeon egg (LOL).  
I attached some picture for you.
Again thank you!
Jeremy Corselli "

Here's a photo of his great hatch :

mountainquail jeremy.jpg


In case you are curious, this is how an adult male mountain quail looks like.
(Drawing taken from wikipedia)
Here's my articles on weight-loss method of hatching: