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Jul 25, 2009

Grey Water Treatment; mini wetlands

The farm produces some grey water - from the workers' quarters, from when we wash the rebans, from overflow from the fish ponds. 
All grey water is fed into a mini wetlands; first into a large pond planted with aquatic plants, then led into a biological filter using microbes before being led into a mini wetlands made up of slow flowing meandering channels planted with more aquatic plants. 
The entire zone is planted with water-loving, edible plants - bananas, papayas, pumpkins, misai kuching, galangal, pegaga and various tubers. 
Before discharging into the river, the water goes through a charcoal filter from charcoal made within the farm (click on the picture for a larger view):
water filtration systemWebSize.jpg
*note: the biological filter and charcoal bed are not in the drawing.  They were added during construction.