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Jul 25, 2009

Grey Water Treatment; mini wetlands

The farm produces some grey water - from the workers' quarters, from when we wash the rebans, from overflow from the fish ponds. 
All grey water is fed into a mini wetlands; first into a large pond planted with aquatic plants, then led into a biological filter using microbes before being led into a mini wetlands made up of slow flowing meandering channels planted with more aquatic plants. 
The entire zone is planted with water-loving, edible plants - bananas, papayas, pumpkins, misai kuching, galangal, pegaga and various tubers. 
Before discharging into the river, the water goes through a charcoal filter from charcoal made within the farm (click on the picture for a larger view):
water filtration systemWebSize.jpg
*note: the biological filter and charcoal bed are not in the drawing.  They were added during construction.


I've seen the enlarge picture of the above "drain". The water is black.. (hitam pekat). Perhaps u can try to put sands to the bed of the "drain" as this imitate the river and also I've seen the use it in fish farming and it works.

Posted by: safuan | Jul 25, 2009

Maybe the photos are not enlarged enough. The water is clear. The 'black' colored one is actually a charcoal bed. The biological filter and the charcoal beds were not part of the original hand-drawn drawing. They were added during construction.

Posted by: HS | Jul 25, 2009

HS - hello again. about the soapy part of the grey water ... which portion of the mini-wetlands does the 'cleansing' - while charcoal probably soaks up everything, i would assume your EM plays a part too ?

i have not built a restroom on my modest plot yet (yes, i finally got one :-)) and was thinking a) no soap and b) dual 3 'kok' septic tank with sand prefilter dosed with pond scum. your solution appears intreaguing.

Posted by: azman | Jul 25, 2009

Soft soap is OK. Soft soap that's made from veg oils like palm oil, not detergent.

Posted by: HS | Jul 25, 2009

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