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Sep 10, 2005

DQ Chicken and DQ Herbal - the Difference.

We have two range of chickens - they are the "normal" DQ Clean Chicken and the premium "Herbal" range.

The main differences between the Herbal Chicken and the normal DQ Chicken are as follow:
1. All Herbal Chickens are female. The meat therefore is more tender. Most Asian women are brought up to believe female chickens are better for their health when consumed during confinement.
2. The feeding of the Herbal Chicken is carefully controlled to ensure that every chicken has a monitored range of omega 6:omega 3 ratio of around 5:1 or less. The normal DQ chicken may have individuals that have a high ratio due to its preference for grains over grass (we give them 30% grains made up of corn, wheat and soya bean for energy). Each Herbal Chicken is given daily doses of marine algae to ensure consistent omega 3 content.
3. Over 80% of the omega 3 in the Herbal Chicken is DHA whereas the normal DQ Chicken may have most of its omega 3 in the form of ALA, which the human body still has to convert to DHA.
4. Herbal Chickens are given daily doses of certified organic herbs from China. These herbs impart a nice aroma to the chicken and are claimed to give the chickens higher levels of antioxidants and amino acids. Evidence of the higher level of natural antioxidants in the meats lie in the fact that these chickens have longer keeping qualities, especially in our hot and humid weather during preparation. Herbal chicken livers are the only organs we are selling for those who want them.
5. We recommend the Herbal Chicken for those recuperating from illness and during confinement.




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I would like to buy DG chicken. How do i go aboit it.

Posted by: gim hong | Oct 05, 2005

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