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Sep 30, 2007

For the needy - herbs and vitamins

Kini kita sediakan minuman herba untuk mereka yang memerlukan.  Rumusan konsultan kami, HS Wong, minuman ini mengandungi bakawali dan herba lain dan terbukti di ladang kami menguatkan sistem pertahanan badan pekerja serta haiwan seperti kambing, kuda dan lain. 

We now brew immune boosting herbs like bakawali for those who come to our kitchen.  We also provide multivitamins.  Donors for the multivitamins (which we have to buy) are welcome. 




 Once a week, a shot of bakawali to keep the coughs and colds away. For those who come to our kitchen, a drink of the herbal concoction first before getting the food.








 Pahit nye!!!

Sorry guys, drink up the most bitter drink you have ever drunk in your life, before you can get the food.

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Sep 03, 2007

Nature-Q Farming



We have a new manager at our farm, Razaly, a retired police officer.  He is doing a great job and quickly pick up the fundamentals of Qi Farming.

Qi Farming enriches the soil - year by year the soil gets richer, not depleted.  Even conventional organic farming depletes the soil.  Our method entails putting humus back to the soil and using only Teh Qi and humus to fertililise the plants.

Visitors to the farm will note the "energy" in the air.  Many have commented that they feel fresh after a visit.




 Herbs are a part of Nature Qi Farming. 

This is cekur, use to treat animals.

                                                           Only compost and humus are used at the farm to fertilise the soil. 

Composting starts with discarded organic materials at the farm.




We solicit the help of microbes.  Here, farm-caught indigenous lactobacillus sp.





 Flowering enhancers are made from acacia shoots and kangkung leaves.





Luxuriant herb garden - here, 6 to 7 varieties of gingers and curcumae.




                                                    Mycorrhizals are an integral part of Nature - Q Farming.





Hempedu Bumi - used in treating our animals from blood protozoan infection.




Bakawali - used to boost immune system of animals and humans, including myself. I work 7 days a week, 365 days a year and have never been sick.  When I feel just a little under the weather, a shot of bakawali and a glass of curcuma longa, and that's it, good as new.

Hot Food for the Homeless - cont

Working with and sponsored by Dapur Al-Masyhur, www.al-masyhur.com .

Here are more shots of hungry homeless folks being served hot food on Sept 2, 2007:





 Sorry, we do not have tables and chairs.....





Early bird, waiting...


Your purchase makes this possible.  Next, hot meals to old folks homes, ophanages, etc. 

If you know of homes or shelters needing our assistance, please email : bestaribersatu@yahoo.com