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Jan 10, 2010

Useful Plants At The Farm- Curcuma Mangga

Curcuma mangga is also known as white turmeric.  It tastes like a mango, hence the name 'mangga'. 

curcuma mangga1_CU_WEB.JPG




The rhizome with skin and without.













Researchers have found anti-tumour activities from extracts of the rhizomes.  On a personal basis, we have found it to have strong anti-inflammatory effect and we have incorporated it into our diet on a regular basis, either as a ulam or salad, or as a drink.

curcuma mangga frontal Web.JPG









The plant can reach about 5 feet high.











curcuma mangga leaf Web.JPG




Close up of the leaf










curcuma mangga rhizome Web.JPG

At the farm, we gather the soil around the roots and rhizome and make a foliar spray to combat fungal  infections on plants.


Take one part soil, one part molasses, and 4 parts water and aerate vigorously for 10  hours. 



Use twice a week on plants with signs of fungal attacks.



Hi.. I"m looking for Curcuma Mangga and was hoping that you could sell some to me. Appreciate if you could contact me at 012 2020 694. Aieda

Posted by: Aiedatul Shima Mustaffa | Jan 21, 2010

For growing or for consumption? Ours is grown for over a year for max nutrients, and also grown only on compost without synthetic stuff. It would be excellent as an anti-inflammation adjunct to your diet.
For growing - we are not a nursery and do not sell, but I can give you some sprouted rhizomes to grow, if you have the patience to wait for a year or so.
Click on DQ to email me.

Posted by: DQ | Jan 21, 2010

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Posted by: Balasubramanyam | Mar 09, 2010

hi...how r u??

hi just wanna know is curcuma mangga same with curcuma amada coz it is also known as mango ginger

Posted by: tamil chelvan | Jun 04, 2010

I've never tasted fresh Curcuma mangga or any other kind of turmeric. I did use it in powder form, for cooking, I learned about its therapeutic properties from an ayurvedic cooking manual. I'd love to try it fresh, where can I find some?

Posted by: Oolana | Oct 29, 2010

I always delete commercial spams. But since the author of the preceding post have tried to stay on topic, I shall let it pass this time. More from this same author will be deleted.

Posted by: HS | Oct 29, 2010

My friend had a big farm of Curcuma Mangga in Thailand. I got some fm him recently, when I am searching the effectiveness of this products on the web, I saw some one name Aiedatul Shima Mustaffa need to have some fm this site, so if anyone still need this products, I can send some to him/her, just contact me by e-mail : nancynkb@yahoo.com.sg

Posted by: Nancy | Dec 06, 2010

I'd definitely love to try Curcuma Mangga - I have a friend who uses it in a chutney. He also said it tastes very good pickled with mustard seeds, green chilies, and fenugreek seeds. However, I have yet to find anywhere good to buy it in the States. Any suggestions?

Posted by: Sophia | Jan 04, 2011


I know of DQ for many years as I always hope in Country Farms and Ecogreen, TTDI. This is the first time I visited your blog by chance and read with interest your write up about the kunyit hitam. I have been searching a long time for it as I collect many species of ginger, kunyit, temu, kantan for my garden. A few months ago I got the temu hitam which initially I thought was the kunyit hitam but after reading your blog I realised its the temu.

Anyway, I don't suppose you would reveal where you get your completely black kunyit as I don't think you found it in the wild? :P I am getting help from a Malay lady to help source for me.


Posted by: cinafong | Jan 13, 2011

Oopps... I posted the same message twice, didn't realised that the 1st comment actually went through, sorry :P


Posted by: cinafong | Jan 14, 2011

Good info. Hey, do you have a mailing list? This is what I was looking for. Much appreciated! Keep up the quality posts.

Posted by: Gry Po Szkole | May 10, 2011

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