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Feb 26, 2010

Caviar of the East - Building the Population

Building up the critical  mass naturally takes time.  We decided to speed things up a little by incubating eggs and acclimatising them to the micro-climate at our farm from hatchlings.

secondbatchWeb1.JPGEggs dated and where there are pin holes and fissures due to mishandling, nail polish is applied.






walit chicks2 Web.JPG

Hatching out in a mere 16 days,  not 20 + days as recorded in most books. Almost failed as knowing the incubation period is critical to a successful hatch.  However daily observation and experience permitted us to have a successful hatch inspite of misinformation from books and various blogs (one blog recommended an incubation temperature of 40 celcius.  That will most likely 'cook' the embryo).



 walit chicks3 Web.JPG

In the brooder at 35 celcius.






walit chicks6 feeding Web.JPG

Hand feeding starts 8 hours after hatching.








feathering day14 Web.JPG

Feathering after 14 days






feathering 3 weeks Web.JPG



Feathering after 21 days


WOW! congrats! you feeding 'em with what mr wong? flies? =)

Posted by: haslinda | Feb 27, 2010

Kerengga eggs!

Posted by: HS | Feb 27, 2010

Dont you think you are going against Nature. The babies mother must be very sad losing their rights to mother the babies.

Posted by: LL | May 27, 2010

Don't know whether mother birds feel 'sad' when they lose their eggs before embryos develop. Nature have allowed birds to lay a replacement egg everytime an egg is lost. If a bird have a clutch of 2 and we remove one, the bird will lay another to replace.
Since no embryo has developed there is no bond and when we place the egg in another bird's nest, the mum will willingly accept it, even if the mum is a different species.
But if we place a chick in a different nest, the chick will invariably be killed.

Posted by: HS | May 27, 2010

hi boss...like your post...u feed them kerengga eggs not insects???
or anai-anai eggs???just only that boss???

Posted by: angah | Dec 02, 2011

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