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Aug 19, 2010

Natural Flowering Enhancers

We use what's in the farm to make our own flowering enhancers.  Our dragon fruits never stop flowering and producing fruits.  Our durians can be fruiting two to three weeks before others.

basket2 Web.JPG
All the ingredients we need are available in the farm.
reds2 web.JPG
Red Colored Leaves
reds web.JPG
Red Colored Leaves
papaya web.JPG
Over riped papayas and bananas
Here's the proportions (by weight) :

papaya                              2.5

banana                              2.5

Red Leaves                        1.0

Kangkung young leaves      1.0

Acasia young leaves           1.0

Molasses                           2.0

Quarry dust                      sprinkle

Put in a container until half full (or half empty, whichever).  Leave for up to 60 days, covered loosely, before proceeding. 

There are a few variations to use the above (which we shall call the Mother).  One way is as follows:

Dilute adding 1 part filtered Mother, 1 part molasses to 20 parts water to make a Concentrate.  Let the Concentrate sit for up to 7 days before diluting further required amount to use.  Add one part Concentrate, one part molasses and 50 parts water for Spraying Dilution.  It goes without saying you must always use unchlorinated water. 

Do not spray direct from Concentrate on plants.  They may wilt.  Always spray diluted.  Not recommended for ornamentals.

If you are using compost tea, add one part filtered Mother to 20 parts tea, and spray.  Use only on fruit trees (including pitaya).

Email me direct if you encounter problems.


1. You can find the acacia tree being grown along highways.  You can use the young leaves from young trees. Acacia is an invasive, so don't plant it in your farm unless you have the patience to continually weed out the young trees.

2. Any red leaves will do.


I have a few questions...
1. Is the ratio critical?
2. Can red flowers be substituted for leaves if not available?
3. Why young (kangkong and acacia leaves)?
4. Molasses can be substituted with jaggery?
5. Any substitute for quarry dust?

Posted by: Ishak | Oct 08, 2010

Are you Ishak pitaya?
Ratio may not be critical in a scientific sense. It's more like experience.
Red leaves for antioxidants, you have to see if red flowers have similar antioxidants.
Young kk and ac leaves from experience have high growth hormones.
Molasses as a stable carbo source for lactobacillus and other 'good' microbes
Quarry dust for TEs, you can substitute.

Posted by: HS | Oct 09, 2010

Thank you for your response. I am not Ishak pitaya. Just a non-user of chemical products for whatever I can plant in my corner lot terrace house and regular visitor to your blog.

Posted by: Ishak | Oct 11, 2010

Jaggery sounds expensive. Use agri grade molasses. We sell on and off rm2.50 per kg pick up at our office, bring your own bottle. A kg would be around 0.75ml - the small size mineral water bottle. If you want call Suria.

Posted by: HS | Oct 11, 2010

Sorry, that's 750ml or 0.75 liter

Posted by: HS | Oct 11, 2010

Jaggery is selling at rm2.00/500gm. (once got it at rm1.60 at Mydin) produk from Thailand. Actually where is the office? Couldn't find it within this blog. Will look again...

Posted by: Ishak | Oct 12, 2010

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