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Jan 10, 2011

Edible Ferns

Edible ferns have been enjoyed for thousands of years by rural folks.  It is now making its way into gourmet restaurants and urban kitchens.  If your farm have earth drains, then edible ferns can be an extra source of income with almost zero costs.  Just make sure that your water source is pristine as ferns are good absorbers of heavy metals. 

paku2 Web.JPG

Paku1 Web.JPG

this one 2 Web.JPG

This one, diplazium esculentum

not this one Web.JPG

 Not this one.  Note the difference in the branching.

fronds and leaves Web.JPG

Edible fronds and young leaves.

frond2 Web.JPG

Edible fronds

Edible ferns are delicious stir-fried with sambal belacan, or just dried anchovies, or plain garlic.


Hi! But how to start to grow this edible fern in my garden? Is there is anywhere is possibility to buy seeds? And also may be anybody can share detailed information about how to grow it?

Thanks in advance.

Posted by: Otto | May 06, 2011

Hi Otto,
Thanks for dropping by. Ferns do not have seeds, they have spores. We generally propagate by division.
It is a tropical plant requiring high temperature and high humidity and must be planted in moist, high organic content soil.

Posted by: HS | May 07, 2011

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