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Oct 02, 2005

Fruit Bats - Home at DQ

Am so glad that Fruit Bats have decided to make our farm their home at last.  They used to be transcient, roosting in bushes during fruiting seasons.  Now, they seem to have decided at last to make the farm their permanent home.  It speak volumes for the natural environment that is found in our farm - their endorsement is our sucess.  We know some of our workers come from countries where bats are part of their cuisine.  The only way to stop them was to inform them that the bats get rid of the dreaded aedes mosquitoes at the times that the mosquitoes are most active - early morning and late evening.  We have seen the bats going for the mosquitoes in the twilight and early dawn.

medium_fruitbatswebsize.jpgClick on the picture to view enlarged image.


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