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Jul 16, 2009

Fruiting Season...

It's fruiting season and here are some of the fruits:






Dragon fruit plant and the fruits.  

Here's a macro close-up of the flower (click for enlarged photo) : dragonfruitDarken1web.JPG

While half of the pitaya farms in Malaysia are decimated by a fungal problem, ours are free from disease with regular spraying of Teh Qi.


























Durians     banana1Aweb.JPG






 All manners of hard-to-find Musa varieties.

Other fruits ripening include mangosteennangka and cempedak.

We estimate our production this year to be 50 metric tonnes, all grown with our own farm-made compost.



Currently I have 1/2 acre of Dragon fruit trees. Lately it being infected by fungal problem. It is big help if you could help me explaining the Tea Qi. What is Tea qi and how you use it?

Posted by: Shamsul | Jul 07, 2010

You have a big problem. Fungal infection have wiped out many dragon fruit farms. Part of the reason is the weakened clone / hybrid stocks that farmers have used to plant in the past few years. These hybrids were supposed to produce bigger, sweeter fruits but they are weak and easily infected with disease. The same goes for pisang emas and some papaya clones. Where are you located?

Posted by: HS | Jul 08, 2010

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