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Nov 09, 2009

New Waterfall

We entered into an area of the forest where no human have entered before (or at least, not for a long, long while).  The 'feel' is different.  There was no sense of 'fear' from the jungle.  We felt 'protected', and being 'embraced' and one feels a reluctance to leave.  There were no mosquitoes, no disturbances.  Only the quiet peace of a 100 million year old rain forest.









The forest that we entered looking for a water source for our farm:

that's where we are entering.JPG









We reached the area after following a series of newly discovered small waterfalls rising over 100 meters. We named the falls 'Air Terjun Wahyu / Wahyu Falls' after Ali Wahyudi our Indonesian Technical Adviser who first discovered the falls.































How long ago was it when the first hominid appeared? 8 million years?

Is it not possible for another intelligence, another 'awareness' to have developed in our rain forests over the 150 million years of its existence ?

I must go back to the peace of the rain forest ....


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hai sir,
wah bestnya dapat explore waterfall baru.. the best water kalau nak guna untuk ayam.. Mr Wong tracking brapa jam baru jumpa?

Posted by: saiful | Nov 10, 2009

It took us about two hours to reach the top. We had to look for a cleaner source of water as tests at our original source indicated high e-coli count - a sign of wild animal activity.

Posted by: HS | Nov 10, 2009

interesting post. One of the waterfall pictures (the 3rd picture in this post) shows a lot of white misty circles which r believed to be 'mandala' - sanskrit word to mean circle. They r usually found in mountains, jungles, waterfalls and sacred places. The believe in mandala can be found in many ancient cultures and religions including
Hinduism and Buddhism. Follow this link:


Posted by: junah | Nov 15, 2009

Hi Junat, thanks for ur comments. Would not put too much weight to the circles in the pics as digital cameras have such 'problems'.
Having said that, many things I have experienced which I would rather not speak about as it is not 'replicable' ie scientists can't measure them.
First, they will not put in the decades of practise and second current instruments are inadequate. For example, we all know there is something called 'love' but nobody has invented a love-meter yet as far as I know.
Otherwise the favourite question of all young girls, including scientists, in love would be answered with scientific certainty!

Posted by: HS | Nov 20, 2009

really intresting and usefull for me thanks

Posted by: Fryzjer Rzeszów | Feb 11, 2011

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