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Jun 28, 2010

Flowers of the ginger family at the farm

Wild gingers have lovely flowers seldom seen.

Some of the wild gingers planted at our farm are flowering (click on pics for enlarged image).

kunci close up flower 2 Web.JPG
Lovely flower of the temu kunci or fingerroot (boesenbergia rotunda)
lempoyang close up flower 1 Web.JPG
The lempoyang (zingziber zerumbet).  The flower is filled with water and have saved many a life in the jungles. Locals use the liquid inside as a shampoo for themselves and for their pets.
kunyit flower close up 2.JPG
The kunyit or turmeric flower (curcuma longa) has rather delicate coloring.
cekur var 2 closeup flower 2 Web.JPG
The cekur or resurrection lily (kaempferia galangal var).  There are many varieties but the flowers are all almost the same.
black kunyit close up of flower1 Web.JPG
The delicate flower of the potent all-black kunyit hitam or black turmeric, scientific name unknown.  We have successfully treated chronic inflammation and immune system related problems such as lichen planus with this ginger.


They are lovely. Thank you.

Posted by: Low | Jun 29, 2010

Great post! I especially like the anecdote about Lempoyang being used as a shampoo by locals. How do you learn/hear about plant uses like this? I'd love to hear what resources you use to look up and research local plants - thanks!

Posted by: Brian | Jul 11, 2010

google is your best friend. google for scientific papers done on the plants in india, phil, indon, UPM, etc.
BTW i described the liquid in lempoyang as water which is not quite correct. It is more a gell-like liquid mildly antibacteria and with carbohydrate content.

Posted by: HS | Jul 12, 2010

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