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Sep 12, 2010

Sanctuary for butterflies II

Our efforts to attract butterflies to the farm are showing results.

We noticed many new species lately, but it is not always possible to take a photo due to our limited equipment.

Here's a Common Rose Swallowtail that came and perch itself above our heads while we were having lunch.

common rose Web.JPG

Common Rose Swallowtail (Atrophaneura Pachliopta)

It's a beauty and behaves very nonchanlantly in the presence of humans.

Here's a Cruiser ( Vindula dejone erotella ):

Vindula dejone erotella Web.JPG
It's color and shape is unmistakable.


Jun 15, 2010

Sanctuary for butterflies

The Raja Brooke's Birdwings (Trogonoptera Brookiana) are gone from the waterfall.  What a difference a week makes. The clearing works at the side of the falls and further up have destroyed their habitat. All the aristolochia foveolata, their host plant, have been slashed as the undergrowth was cleared.

This is a photo we took of them in September last year at the banks of the falls (the smaller one is a Common Jay) :

raja brooke w common jay Web.JPG
What can one say?
We shall try to recreate their habitat in the farm and hope somehow some survivors will find their way to the farm.  We had recreated the habitat for the Common Jay (Graphium Doson Evemonides), and still it took close to half a year before the first pair appeared:
common jay pair Web.JPG
Pair of Common Jay puddling at a footpath in the farm.
The farm is an oasis and refuge for birds and dragonflies already.  Now we shall do the same for butterflies.

Sep 14, 2009

Amongst the Raja Brooke's Birdwings

Did two hours of taichi and qi gong at this small cascading stream near the farm yesterday.  The place was deserted.

waterfall web.JPG















Click on pictures to enlarge


raja brooke1 web.JPG

















A group of about ten Raja Brooke's Birdwings came to join me, fluttering around me with no fear.


yellow butterfly web.JPG
















And a pair of pretty yellow-green butterflies.


The surrounding was pristine and filled with natural energy


lush green web.JPG















lush green 2 web.JPG












Directly above, about 100 meters up, hundreds of swiftlets busy themselves feeding on the insects that in turn feed at the canopy. 

It doesn't get much better than this.

This morning my BP was 115 / 68; like new.  And that crick in the knee was gone.

Have to make it a habit to do the exercises here, each week; amongst the Raja Brooke's Birdwings