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Sep 14, 2009

Amongst the Raja Brooke's Birdwings

Did two hours of taichi and qi gong at this small cascading stream near the farm yesterday.  The place was deserted.

waterfall web.JPG















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raja brooke1 web.JPG

















A group of about ten Raja Brooke's Birdwings came to join me, fluttering around me with no fear.


yellow butterfly web.JPG
















And a pair of pretty yellow-green butterflies.


The surrounding was pristine and filled with natural energy


lush green web.JPG















lush green 2 web.JPG












Directly above, about 100 meters up, hundreds of swiftlets busy themselves feeding on the insects that in turn feed at the canopy. 

It doesn't get much better than this.

This morning my BP was 115 / 68; like new.  And that crick in the knee was gone.

Have to make it a habit to do the exercises here, each week; amongst the Raja Brooke's Birdwings


Jul 23, 2009

Nature Q-Farming And Durians

This year, the damage to the durians from fungus is less than 5%. A couple of years back, the damage was 30%. The supervisor at that time could not learn how to do the qi-compost right and we did not use the Teh Qi.  His breathing was all wrong.

Ali, my current supervisor is a picture of amazement and just cannot understand what's happening.

He keeps on asking, how come the Teh Qi (Qi Tea) can do this? What is inside the Teh Qi that can reduce the fungal attacks by so much?

Ah Tick, the man who actually takes care of the durians for us on a daily basis says that the degree of damage is the same as those durian farms that use chemicals RIGHT UP TO THE LAST MINUTE OF HARVEST.  He himself owns 8 acres of durians.  He says, because of the low prices, farmers must ensure that every fruit survives, so they spray until the durian drops.  So if you buy conventionally grown durians, make sure you wash your hands after opening the durians before taking hold of the pips to eat.

The Teh Qi is unique, it provides the full compendium of microbes that plants need PLUS it vibrates with energy that gives plants that little extra edge between infested with fungus or being disease free, ceteris paribus.

The next problem Ali and Ah Tick wants Nature Q-Farming to solve is the issue of uneven ripening, especially the D24 variety.  This is a problem with unknown causes that farms from Thailand to Australia face.  I told them, it's not a problem.  Come next season, Nature Q-Farming will reduce that problem by 70%, I promised.


Nov 29, 2008

Mystery Bird

About a year ago, I decided to plant a “qi” garden.  What this means is a garden with plants that will emit lots of energy.  This was my working sketch: 


I brought down plants from the jungle and planted them there in the garden.  The uppermost layer was dominated by a Meranti tree ( which I had planted 12 years ago.  Then the next layer were Eugenias.  I collected ferns and other shrubs from the jungle and started to build up the layers.  Rhizomes were added to occupy the layer below the soil.  Wines and tanduk rusa occupy yet another of the multiple spaces that one can find in the jungle that I am duplicating here.meranti.gif






The meranti that forms the top layer, now 30 meters tall.


By the beginning of this year, the garden was taking shape nicely and I began to do my qi gong exercises regularly in the garden.  The garden emanates a calm energy and one feels energized yet calm after a couple of hours in the garden.














 The jungle - like atmosphere of the garden  fungus.gif












Rare funguses form the bottom layer




One day, about 4 or 5 months ago, I heard a low “kroaw kroaw” in some of the bushes.  It sounded full throated and I estimated the bird that made the sound to be the size of a pheasant or a large chicken. I was doing my qi then and I just sort of looked at the location where the sound came from, some bushes and return to my qi exercises. After I finished, I did a casual examination of the location where the call was coming from and found nothing.  Odd, I thought that a large bird like that could hide itself so well.


This carried on for a while.  Each time I moved around in the garden or did my qi, the bird would make its calls.  Not calls of anger or alarm or warning.  Nothing like that, just calls to let you know it is there – kroaw, kroaw, kroaw.


One day, curiousity took command, and I went down to my knees and search everywhere in that little garden.  Nothing, nada.  And when you least expect it, it goes kroaw kroaw kroaw.


 (to be continued)

Jun 22, 2005

Qi - Compost

Today at Serting, Kuala Pilah we started making compost from the goat dung in commercial quantities. The sample heap that the staff made was heating up nicely. The heap was emiting very strong qi as a result of the application of WHS Purple-1, a blend of beneficial bacteria including PNSBs; the bacteria responsible for the emiting of the qi.
I opened the points of one of the workers and sensitised his palms to the presence of qi. He felt the qi from the heap immediately. He and one other worker will be responsible for "clarifying" the energies of the bacteria in new compost.


Hi-Qi Compost are used to make sprays, to splash on roots, as fertilisers, to condition new chicken litter, etc.


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